Group Projects

IoT Malware Research

  1. ÔşÉIoT Malware Intelligence Collecting System
    Capture IoT botnets and get their behavior data using honeycloud and sandboxes.
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Android Malware Research

  1. ­čöąAndroid Test Farm
    Manupulates Android devices to run apps and collect their network flow.
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  2. Data Analyze and Storage Infrastructures
    Building the workflow of our groupÔÇÖs data management, maintaining cloud servers and databases.

  3. Network Traffic Online Analyzer in High-Speed Networks and Embedded Devices
    Collect and analyze network traffic on network devices, make classifiers adapt to various environments.

  4. A Python Port of Nodogsplash
    Pops up prompts on monitored client. Funded by University Student Research Training Program, SX2015318.
    Github ­čöŹDetails

Personal & Hobby Projects

  1. Hacking Network Authenticator Apps to Bypass NAT Detection on Android
    Using Magisk to hook and substitute functions related to networking.

  2. An MIPS R3000 CPU on FPGA
    Project for Loongson Cup 1st National Student Computer System Capability Challenge.

  3. High-performance DNS Mirror Server based on DPDK
    Implemented a minimal DNS protocol and a part of TCP/IP stack on the DPDK platform.

  4. RGB LED Strip Controller with Bluetooth Remote Control
    Draws and displays colored patterns on LED strip. Implemented a simple hardware abstract layer to port the drawing code from STM32 to ESP32.
    Github ­čöŹDetails

  5. Android-based Retail Stores Supporting System
    Project for 14th Shandong Provincial Software Design Competition for University Students.
    Github ­čöŹDetails

  6. Cellular-based Commercial Washing Machine Management Platform
    Project for 14th Shandong Provincial Software Design Competition for University Students.

Academic Projects

As we refered in many papers, the projects and studies of our group, including the “Group Projects” listed on this page were suppoted by following fundings:

  1. Intelligent Detection of Mobile Malware Network Activities
    May 2019 - Aug. 2022 - Funded by Project of Independent Cultivated Innovation Team of Jinan City, 2018GXRC002.
    Research AssistantŃÇé

  2. IoT and Mobile Malware Traffic Detection
    Nov. 2018 - Jul. 2020 - Technology procurement by Huawei Technologies, YBN2018095092.
    Research Assistant, core developer.

  3. Mobile Malware Traffic Detection Model in IPv6 Environment
    May 2017 - Jul. 2019 - Funded by CERNET Next Generation Internet Innovation Project, NGII20160404.
    Research Assistant.

  4. Traffic Online Detection Based on Imbalanced Deep Learning For Android Malwares
    Jan. 2017 - Feb. 2020 - Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.61672262.
    Research Assistant.

Along with many other grants: National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grants No.61472164 and No.61702218, Shandong Provincial Key R&D Program under Grant No.2018CXG0706 and No.2019GGX101028, Project of Shandong Province Higher Educational Youth Innovation Science and Technology Program NO.2019KJN028.